My Guests

Doug Cartwright

Author of "Holy Shit, We're Alive" and Founder of the Daily Shift

Doug Cartwright is a speaker, author, and the CEO and Founder of The Daily Shifts, an online company dedicated to inspiring lasting transformation of the mind, body, and soul. The Daily Shifts was born from Doug’s personal journey of introspection and healing. Now an app, a master class, and blog, The Daily

Payton Lynch

Author, Rise from the Ashes: Stories of Trauma, Resilience, and Growth From the Children of 9/11

As a child and young adult, Disney’s storytelling became an important part of Payton's life, teaching her to engage audiences. In her career, she tells stories through the magic of Guest engagement as a Product Manager at The Walt Disney Company.

Heather Smith

Internal Family Systems & Psychedelic Integrative Therapist

Heather Smith is an Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist and Psychedelic

Kelly Roman

Co-founder & CEO, Fisher Wallace Laboratories

Kelly Roman is the Co-Founder and CEO of Fisher Wallace Laboratories, an

Imani Kaliid

Author, There was Violence

Imani Kaliid is a childhood abuse survivor and advocate who details his

Jacquelyn Weiss

Author & Host, Healing the Survivors

Jacquelyn Weiss is enrolled with Northwestern Band of Shoshone Nation in Camas, Washington. She is a Certified Emotion Code

Gina Defa

Author, The Parakeet Drawing

Coming from a home filled with alcoholism and abuse, Gina knows the grit & grace

LeeAnn Taylor

Author of The Fragile Face of God

LeeAnn Taylor, spiritual leader, healer, and author, is the mother of five children including three who were born with autism and Fragile X syndrome – a genetic disorder manifesting in profound mental impairment. LeeAnn brings hope, clarity, and connection with the Divine to provide insights into the higher capacities,

Kathy Picard

Childhood Sexual Abuse Advocate & Author of Life with My Idiot Family: A True Story of Survival, Courage and Justice over Childhood Sexual Abuse

Kathy Picard is an inspiring award-winning advocate whose work centers on increasing awareness of the harsh realities of sexual child abuse.

Deborah Servetnick

Transformational Life Coach

Grateful Deb is a master bodyworker and teacher for over 40 years with a

Ebonique Bethea

Clinical Director for RAINN

Ebonique Bethea, MSW, LMSW, CA currently serves as the Clinical Director at

Antonio Myers

Podcast Host, Tonio Time Daily

Antonio Myers is a trauma survivor and disabilities advocate. Myers has

Dr. Roya Pilcher

Founder, Ava Potter Pilcher Foundation

Dr. Roya Pilcher is a pediatric dental specialist in Washington. As a three-time Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) mom, Dr. Pilcher

Brad Watts

Author, Sibling Sexual Abuse: A Guide for Confronting America's Silent Epidemic

Brad Watts is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and Certified Sex

Tonya Harris

Author, The Slightly Greener Method: Detoxifying Your Home Is Easier, Faster, and Less Expensive than You Think (Reduce Your Exposure to Toxic Chemicals; Live a Safer, More Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Life)

Tonya Harris is an award-winning environmental toxin expert, the founder of Slightly Greener and the creator of the Slightly Greener Method™, offering busy moms simple solutions to reduce toxins without turning their lifestyle upside-down.

D. John Jackson

Author, What About Me: Walking the tightrope as a Black man in America

D. John Jackson is a Fortune 50 leader with global responsibilities that

Eric Osborne

Psychedelic Consultant, More Than Integration, Podcaster, Psilocybin Says

Eric Osborne has been working professionally with psilocybin mushrooms as a

Eduardo Cortina

Psychotherapist & Somatic Therapist, Integrative Somatics

Eduardo Cortina is a a somatic therapist and educator since 1998.

Ryan Harland

Author, Riding the Storm

In his memoir, Ryan Harland brilliantly begins to describe to us what it feels like to

Emily Golden, MCC

Author, The New Golden Rule, Master Certified Coach, Speaker, Career Performance Expert

Emily Golden helps today’s emerging leaders and executives shift underlying