Katherine McGibbon

Anti-Trafficking Advocate & Founder of Twelve11

Kathy McGibbon a wife, mother, author, and playwright who has overcome the
dark world of sex-trafficking. After many years of living in silence, Kathy decided to journal what
happened to her as a way of dealing with the surreal experience. That journal became a book. That
book became a stage play. Thus, she has mustered the strength to join the movement against human
trafficking. Partnering with several nonprofit organizations, Kathy’s goal is to raise awareness, fight
for those who are being trafficked, and mentor those who have overcome it. She is now using her voice
to inspire others to join the fight against such a horrible atrocity. She has spoken to faith-based
organizations, educators, students, medical professionals, and politicians. In 2018, Kathy was invited
into The Oval Office to witness a bill she advocated for be signed into law.
During her time as a Program Director, Kathy developed a trauma-informed restorative care program
for adult survivors of human trafficking. She is now Co-Founder and Executive Director of Twelve11,
an organization committed to supporting survivors of trafficking. As a Lived Experience Consultant,
Kathy continues to provide training to various groups dedicated to the anti-trafficking movement.