Melissa Dobbs

Founder of Metropolitan School of the Arts

Melissa Dobbs is the Founder of Metropolitan School of the Arts in Alexandria, VA, volunteer dance teacher at Childhelp, passionate arts educator, advocate for children and dedicated mother to her three incredible children. At the age of 12, Melissa was sexually assaulted by a stranger in her home in Virginia. After developing a severe eating disorder and attempting suicide, she was admitted into a psychiatric hospital for treatment at the age of 15. During her stay there, her deeply held secret of childhood sexual trauma was revealed inadvertently in a group therapy session. Since then, Melissa has been on a lifelong journey of healing, one that has led to a remarkable and life changing transformation. Melissa has dedicated her adult life to preserving childhood by raising her own children in a safe and loving environment, creating a school for all children to thrive and grow as young artists and volunteering for Childhelp. Melissa shares her story as a part of her own healing journey and hopes to inspire others who have experienced similar traumas to 'never give up.' Life is beautiful on the other side.