Teresa Amelia

Trauma Survivor Advocate, Wellness Coach

Teresa Amelia is a trauma survivor and an infertility warrior. She had two family members die by suicide and came out of infertility treatments in an unusual way- deciding not to have kids. Two years ago, she found herself not recognizing who she was when she looked in the mirror. It was in that moment she realized she had lost her inner voice- that guide that tells you who you are and what you want in life. She spent time in therapy, delved deep into personal development and focused on self-care as a way to heal her body, mind, and heart. Teresa is passionate about supporting female trauma survivors to live their life authentically and unapologetically based on their inner voice. Through her business, Own Your Voice, Teresa provides group wellness coaching to women that aims to enhance the health of their body, mind and heart through self-care. Teresa facilitates free and paid workshops through her Facebook community called Living You. Lastly, Teresa is working on publishing a journal series 1) Words Have Power: A journal for growth mindset and 2) Living you: A journal for developing self worth.